Blue cheese crostini

Foodhall Brings You The Essential Italy This Month

Think Italian cuisine and you possible only think pizza and pasta. But Italian cuisine has so much more depth and variety than these popular exports. Foodhall is here to bring you the best of Italian regional cuisine starting from 6th September till 6th October, 2016 and you’re sure to be asking for more.

Begin with a bite of the grilled verdure panini. A rustic ciabatta straight out of an Italian grandmother’s oven, it is stuffed with grilled vegetables and ricotta and flavoured with pesto and onion jam. For those who like their paninis to have some meat, try the chicken and turkey versions. Love the idea of dips to dip your bread into? Pick up the delicious aubergine and sundried tomato caponata or the Italian spicy sausage dip and dig in.

The bakery at Foodhall also offers a selection of the best Italian breads. From the Italian pull-apart bread to traditional thin crust pizza base from Rome and a 3-cheese Italian swirl slice bread, you could easily make a meal of it along with the delicious dips on offer. Olive tapenade, anyone? Blue cheese crostini

The ready-to-eat pizzas are a great option for those who have been dreaming of hosting a pizza night at home but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. The pizzas from Rome, Naples, and a Lazio-style thin crust pizza, with delicious toppings are guaranteed to turn your dinner guests into instant fans. Pizza al taglio has sundried tomato, onion, black olives, sweet peppers, capsicum, mozzarella,

Are you more of a pasta aficionado? Then head straight to the racks of fresh homemade, eggless pasta. From the broad and flat paprika pappardelle from Tuscany, to the spinach and ricotta stuffed tortellini from Bologna and the black rice risotto with roasted pumpkin and sage from Lombardy, you are going to want to take home each one. The homemade pasta sauces are a godsend! The creamy and cheesy Funghi e pisseli with wild mushrooms and herbs from Piedmont is a specially decadent choice. If you prefer being health-conscious, the arrabiata sauce or the classic chicken bolognese is a no-brainer.

For those who price risotto above every other Italian dish, Foodhallhas got you covered too. Try the fragrant Risotto alla Milanese— saffron risotto made from Carnaroli rice from Lombardy. The mushroom version— Risotto aiFunghi and the black rice version— RisottaallaZucca are heavenly options too. If counting calories is your thing, then pick up the mouthwatering Lemon & Asparagus Quinoa Risotto.

Shopping can be hard work so why not begin your Italian culinary vacation right at Foodhall? Take a bite from the Polenta Bowl and you’re sure to be transported right to Piedmont. There are also Spaghetti bowls made in the Campania tradition and Risotto bowls on offer. For those who are gluten-free, try the Baked Zucchini Rollatini— grilled zucchini roll-ups stuffed with tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella and baked with arrabiata sauce.

For the perfect sweet end to your meal, there is the delectable salted caramel panna cotta, a classic Italian dessert made with thickened cream. Making indulging an easy choice are the mascarpone chocolate cups, Nutellazippoles and gluten-free Italian lemon and almond tea cake. For those who aren’t ready to end their Italian dreams, a packet of Almond Walnut Biscotti is sure to keep them going. Buonappetito!


About Foodhall:

Foodhall, A premium lifestyle food superstore, Future Group’s ambitious venture, is a pure gastronomical delight. Latching on to the love for global cuisines, Foodhall is an answer to every foodie’s inner epicure. Launched in May 2011, Foodhall is a one-stop destination for a well-travelled urban consumer who understands the nuances of gourmet cooking. An eye-appealing exotic store captures the novel concepts from around the world on one platter. With an aesthetic mix of Indian flavours with the west, this specialty store is a den of discovery – of the finest global foods and ingredients. Foodhall appeals to every food connoisseur with its custom-made gift hampers, monthly thematic festivals, beautiful display of fruits and vegetables, a spice station, live demo kitchen and fresh sampling of ingredients in the best possible combinations. These make shopping at Foodhall an enriching experience. A perfect blend of culinary presentation and ingredients in Foodhall is at par with any international gourmet food store. It has an extensive global variety in every category – the offerings range from Tomatillo (Green Tomatoes of Mexico) to gluten-free breads such as pizza dough, bagels, to range of super-food options such as Greek Yoghurts, fat-free organic milk, Tofu, gourmet chocolates, oils and vinegars, smoked salmon, mock meats, specialty cold cuts, teas, fresh truffles and various food delights including a variety of Indian foods. Currently Foodhall is present in Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, and Gurgaon.

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