Photo Tours In India

Photo Tours are an interesting and productive way of exploring any city. These photography tours can be either done by themselves or combined a number of other activities including city walks, visits to monuments, food walks and various other fun activities. Although having a decent camera is one of the major prerequisites of enjoying such a tour, proliferation of   cell phones with good quality inbuilt cameras has made the process quite easy. Most mid to high end phones have a fairly good cameras which take fairly good pictures. Of course, the picture quality is not as good as that of original cameras or DSLRs, but for normal folks who don’t want to carry bulky cameras with them, they do the job just fine. All photography tours are led by an expert professional or amaeture photographers who can explain the finer points of using a camera as well as where to use it. Both points are equally important for getting that perfect shot. A lot of people depend on picture enhancing software like Photoshop, GIMP etc. to enhance the beauty of their photographs, but learning to use a camera eliminates the need of any enhancement to a large extent.

Thus these photography tours serve two purposes, one to teach basic or advanced aspects of taking pictures in a short time as well as letting the people do so while enjoying the sights, food, culture of the place. There are quite a few photography tours in operation in India which offer good services.

DELHIPHOTOTOUR.COM : Delhi Photo Tour offers various types of photography tours in New Delhi and nearby areas. Launched by the same company which runs popular Indian Food Tour In Delhi, they offer photo tours which can be clubbed with other tours like food walks, shopping tours, city walks. Standalone photo tours such as photography tours of monuments or custom photo tours which can be designed according to requirements of the guests are also offered. Price of each tour starts from INR 5000 ( US$ 83).

PHOTOGRAPHYTOURINDELHI.COM: Photography Tour in Delhi too offers similar photography tours in New Delhi led by 2-3 expert professional photographers. Their specialty is in conducting photo tours of Old Delhi with it’s numerous markets, colourful surroundings, crowds and lives of thousands of people going on around you. The cost of each photography tour begins from INR 7000 ( US$ 119) which includes transport with pickup and drop. You can also ask for food tours of Old Delhi along with the photography tour.

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