Photography tours delhi

Photography tours

As cameras get cheaper and ubiquitous, people are taking more and more pictures and sharing them with the world on various social media outlets. Just a few years back, film based cameras ruled the roost and only a few people could afford them and sharing them was next to impossible unless you made multiple copies and mailed them to others. Nowadays, cellphones are boasting of fairly good cameras and all types of cameras including SLR (single-lens reflex) type of professional models are getting cheaper, lighter and easier to use. It has led to travelers carrying a minimum

Photography tours delhi
A photo tour in Old Delhi

of one camera each and taking hundreds of pictures almost every day. A lot of these pictures are just for the sake of it, but a fairly large number of travelers want to put their cameras to good use. Some want to improve their photography skills, want to use their prized cameras better, others write journals and blogs of their journeys, while a lot want to share great pictures of their journeys with friends and family.

This has led to the rising popularity of photography tours almost all over the world, specially in cities. A few years back, photography tours were targeted for  specialised niches like wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers, journalists etc. and limited to only certain areas like jungles, monuments etc. But as more people are traveling with cameras, the options for photography tours have increased. Unlike traditional sightseeing tours, these photo tours take you to major landmarks as well some less visited hidden gems of the cities that most people usually miss. Photo tours are a great way of exploring a city, it’s people, their daily lives, markets, homes, cuisine and sights in one comprehensive package.  While talking of photography tours, a difference must be made between photography workshops which are led by an expert photography instructor and a photography tour meant for tourists interested in general photography and exploration. Former are meant as training classes and the major focus

phoato tour india
Photo tour in a market

is on learning photography skills from the experts as the students travel with them. Photography tours meant for tourists on the other hand, focus on showcasing the sights, people, food, people  and other points of interest of a town to a enthusiast or amateur photographer. India with it’s mind blowing contrasts, varied cultures, colourful sights, delicious food is one of the best destinations in the world for photography tours. There are quite a few tour companies offering photography tours in cities such as Delhi, Jaipur as well as specialised photo tours like nature photography.

Depending upon your requirements and expertise, these photo tours can be chosen according to what tourists want to experience or learn. Before choosing a photography tour, it’s necessary to be clear about your requirements. A photography tour which covers just the monuments will not suit someone who wishes to explore the lesser know aspects, streets of the place. So contact your photography guide and be clear about what you expect and services offered.


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