Adventure Activities in India

India is a fast growing destination for people who love adventure activities and the number of adventure activities available in India are increasing by the day. From old attractions like camping in wilderness to para-motoring and white water rafting, various types of adventure sports are getting popular in different corners of India. Some of the top fun and adventurous things to do in India are:

1) Camping Holiday In Himalayas of Spiti: Travel Spiti

Spiti is a Himalayan region on Indo-Tibetan border and  is a great destination for various adventure activities like trekking, camping, mountain climbing, wildlife spotting and much more. The average altitude of this place is more than 4000 meters and is full of beautiful natural ights such as Chandrataal Lake, Nako Lake, numerous virgin mountain peaks, centuries old monasteries and rare wildlife like snow leopards and golden cock.

2) Bungee Jumping: Bungee Jumps, rope slides and swings

Bungee Jumping and Flying Fox are two of best adventure activities for people who love adventure or want to get rid of their fear of heights. You can enjoy the thrill of Bungee jumps, swing jumps and zip lining in India in many places like Rishikesh in perfect safety and with lots of fun.

3) White Water Sports: River Rafting and Kayaking

Ganga river is a great draw for adventurous people who love water sports. It’s an ideal destination for short or long duration water rafting and kayaking alone or under expert supervision. The rapids over there have different degrees of difficulty and offer great adventure and fun opportunity for almost everyone.

4) Para-Glider: Para-motoring in India

Para-motoring is a fun and adventurous way to fly high up in the air without getting in to a helicopter or a plane.  The ride is done on a glider with a parachute and is very safe and fun activity for everyone. Para-motoring in India is done in Aravali hills just outside New Delhi and is a major draw for thrill seekers.

5) Trekking: Mountain Treks in India

Trekking in mountains is the best way of getting close to nature and challenge your limits. Various mountain ranges and different regions in India offer varied trekking, hiking and camping opportunities for adventure tourists with different requirements. From high altitude treks in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh to easier trek in Himalayan jungles in Uttrakhand, India is a great destination for trekking.

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