Amrosia indoor seating

Ambrosia Bliss, Connaught Place – Restaurant Review

Ambrosia Bliss is the among the largest and most well decorated restaurants that we have been to recently. It’s situated in Connaught Place, with a small entrance leading to the grand property on top floor.  There are a number of things which make this place one of the better ones and a must visit atleast once. First one is the location on outer circle of Connaught Place which is easily accessible for almost every one. Next are it’s food, drinks, interior decoration and the overall feel of the place which we will explain later  in this article.

Amrosia indoor seating
Amrosia indoor seating

Once you get out of the lift, you enter the reception area which has impressive wooden decors and good use of lights and glass for a good visual effect. There are different sections for guests, each one with an indoors as well as an outdoors terrace, which is a nice touch. Ambrosia, the first section is for general dining in an relaxed and well lit place with good amount of natural light. Bliss is the bar  and lounge section is is designed accordingly with a well stocked bar, big screen and a stage for live music. Third section is a private dining and conference area which can be used by big groups for private meals or parties. Every section is decorated in a different style than other and each one is aesthetically pleasing.  Even the floor area of Ambrosia and Bliss by themselves is larger than many mid sized restaurants in city. So the overall size of the property is quite big.

Another attraction of the place is weekly sufi music nights and other frequent musical and art events. As we were there for lunch on a nice winter day, we chose to sit on terrace of Ambrosia to enjoy the sun and view of Connaught Place. Over the span of about three hours, we had the following :


  • On Style: Tequila based drink caramelized orange It’s slightly bitter and has good kick. Some honey can be added to change the flavour.

    Kiss Me Miss Me Cocktail
    Kiss Me Miss Me Cocktail
  • Kiss Me, Miss Me: Vodka based drink with apple and fresh mint. Tangy and a great drink on a warm day.
  • Paan : We actually forgot the name of this one, but it was the most interesting one. It had a good paan flavour with  betel leaf and areca shavings.


  • Indian vegetarian platter: Dahi kabas, haraa kabab, mushroom galouti and paneer tikka.
  • Indian non-vegetarian platter: Chicken tikka, afghan chicken, mutton seekh kabab and kasundi fish tikka
  • International non-vegetarian platter : Chicken wings, wrap, garlic bread, lamb kabab and fish florets.

The platters were quite big and each one is sufficient to fill up atleast one person. Among vegetarian dishes, Dahi Kababs were excellent with a crisp outer covering enclosing delicious hung curd inside. Mushroom galouti kababs were a close second. Among non-vegetarian dishes, Kasundi fish tikka, afghan chicken and chicken tikka were our favourites.

Main course
Main course



  • Paneer Labaabdar: Very well prepared with soft paneer pieces cooked in a delicious base. Not too sweet with an optimum balance of flavours and spices.
  • Chilli Garlic Noodle: Fried crispy noodles  with a light garlic flavour but little else.
  • Stir Fried Greens: A number of green vegetables like asparagus, broccoli lightly fried.
  • Daal Makhani: Nicely flavoured, textured and served with generous helping of cream. But it was a bit too mild.


  • Nalli Mutton: Easily our favourite with well cooked tender meat in a great sauce with great flavour. Served with a silver foil. One of must try dishes there.
  • Fish with Lasca sauce: This one was almost as good with a distinctive flavour, soft meat and smooth texture.
  • Tawa Chicken: It was good, but paled in comparison to other two meat dishes mentioned above. The base was mildly  spicy and meat was a bit chewy.


  • Mirchi Parantha & Butter Naan : Both were equally good, but mirchi paratha with it’s light green chilly flavour and use of butter was our favourite. It paired great with paneer dish as well as mutton.

    Toffee pudding with icecream
    Toffee pudding with icecream


  • Sticky Toffee Pudding: This one was easily our favourite with deliciously smooth toffee sauce and a very well cooked and soft cake . Tasted good with vanilla ice-cream served alongside.
  • Phirni: A traditional Indian rice based dish, it was mildly sweet with a lovely fragrance.
  • Carrot & Walnut Cake: Last item on our table, it had a grainy texture and good taste. But just about average or above average at best.

Overall a great place for a wide variety of audience all day long. Bliss section is made exactly like a bar and lounge should be with enough space, great bar, big screen, stage, hookah etc. and a good hangout for a relaxed evening with friends.  For a good meal with drinks in a relaxed ambiance, Ambrosia is a good choice. We just had a quick look at the private dining are. It was smaller with a seating of about 30, but a good option for private parties and business dinners.

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