Bar crawls

Bar Crawls

Bar crawls (sometimes called pub crawls, bar hopping or bar tours) are a very popular way of exploring a city and it’s nightlife. Such an activity entails the participants visiting a few bars and pubs over the span of a few hours and drinking in each place. Most bar crawls are done on foot, though transport by car may also be provided in some places.

Attending bar crawls is a popular way to meet new people, enjoying the nightlife, checking out new places and their specialties. In some cases, a bar crawl may be just a gathering of a few friends on a night out to enjoy. To attend these, you need to be a part of the said friend circle which is seldom possible for tourists, expatriates and even many locals who may wish to do the same. For such people, best option is to attend a bar crawl hosted by some event Bar crawlsorganiser. There are a few companies in India which are hosting bar crawls in select cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. This hasn’t gained much popularity in smaller cities yet, but we may see it happening soon enough.

Rules for the bar crawls may differ from place to place depending upon the city. For example, minimum drinking age in New Delhi is 25 years. So to get a drink you have to be either 25 years old or visit nearby Gurgaon or Noida. Different cities have different drinking cultures, so bar crawls in different cities and sometimes even different areas in the same city may be totally different. Price of drinks, entry fees of bars, type of visitors make each bar crawl different.

Before choosing a bar crawl, be sure of what you are getting for the price. Each organiser may have different rules related to transport, prices, dressing etc. On an average a normal bar crawl has 5-6 bars, but there is no upper limit. If you are new to the city or unfamiliar with how they work, make a point of getting all the details in advance. Some of relevant points are:

1) Cost and inclusions : Confirm whether the cost being charged upfront includes all drinks or not. In most bar crawls, at least one drink is complimentary while you have to pay for extras and snacks. Cost of entry fees is included in most bar crawls.

2) Dress : Certain places included in bar crawls may have dress codes on certain on all days. Take care to dress accordingly.

3) Transport : Be sure of the pickup and drop off point. Most bar crawls are on foot, but a few may include travel to other places by car.

4) Games and extras : Drinking games, silly clothing, music are all parts of a fun bar crawl.

Have you been on a bar crawl or want to join one ? Tell us what you think.

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