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Yoga is one of the most famous gifts to the world from India. Over the years, it has gained wide spread popularity as an easily accessible, convenient and low cost way of maintaining a healthy body and mind. The history of Yoga is tied with spiritual and physical wellness as described in Hinduism. A lot of different yoga techniques have been developed by different people, most of which specialise in different exercise routines, meditation and so on. A number of Yoga institutes teach a variety of Yoga routines such as Hatha, Sahaj, Ashtang, Vini and quite a few others. Additionally, a very popular format is learning the whole Yoga lifestyle, which includes diet, meditation, breathing techniques, postures etc. in addition to just the exercises. yoga India

Among different Yoga techniques, a few like Sahaj yoga have become quite popular because they are easy for beginners and there are many good teachers for it. A few others like Hatha yoga are popular only with hardcore enthusiasts because of their advanced and difficult routines. But as the practitioners gain expertise, the seemingly difficult yoga exercises become easier. There are a lot of good Yoga schools all over the world and some have started fancy and new things such as Hot Yoga, but being the birthplace, India is the best place for beginners as well as expert yoga practitioners to learn and hone their Yoga skills.

A large number of foreigner tourists from all over the world visit India all year around to travel and learn Yoga. Some yoga schools offer packages 3-5 days long while others specialise in yoga packages like detoxification, teaching full yogic lifestyle etc. which can be 5-7 weeks long or even more. While the former are good for the absolute beginners short on time, the latter are of interest to serious yoga and meditation practitioners. The cost differs from INR 100 for a session to up to INR 150000 for a month long course depending upon the place, facilities offered and duration.

Although Yoga schools/ashrams/camps can be situated anywhere, but most people prefer it in quiet places close to nature like in mountains, near river banks, beaches and so on. Rishikesh, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala rank among most sought after yoga destinations in India. A few tourists come to India just  for learning Yoga and they generally don’t care about the place as long as they can get to learn Yoga in a good way. For many others, place is as important as learning yoga itself and they choose one according to their preferences, weather, travel schedule etc. Another interesting development in this field is the arrival of food yoga, which intends to promote healthy yogic food in mainstream lifestyle.



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