A Rajdhani thali

Rajdhani, Connaught Place – Restaurant Review

Just making it clear in the beginning, we are not writing this review as  a professional restaurant review . This review articles is just our observations about Rajdhani, we visit in our personal capacity unless specified otherwise. The staff at Rajdhani didn’t knew that we will be writing about them and for them, we were just normal customers.  These are observations of people who like to try new places, not professional food reviewers and should be treated as such. We are also very lazy with taking pictures, so a lot of articles like this one will be without any visual stimuli.

Rajdhani is one of most famous and oldest restaurant chains with outlets in a number of cities across India. Their specialty is  serving traditional Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisines and they are most famous for their thaalis. For someone unfamiliar, thaali is a big plate of food with small servings of a 6-18 (variable) food dishes. They also serve regular food, but that’s available only on certain times of the day. The menu and practices may differ across different outlets. We visited Rajdhani in Connaught Place, New Delhi for both of our visits. On was with an Indian family and another with an American one. During our first visit, we had one serving of thaali each which was an awesome experience made specially remarkable by the synchronised work of the evidently well trained staff.

A Rajdhani thali
A Rajdhani thali. Image taken from Rajdhani.co.in

First a waiter came up to each guest with a brass “surahi” and helped wash hands in to a brass bowl. Then empty thaalis with 14-15 katoris (bowls) were places in front of each guest. First thing served was the famous Rajasthani staple dish Daal Baati Churma with ghee. As we ate that, more servers arrived with vegetables, daal, kheer, raita and more to fill up the small bowls. A small serving of khichdi, 3 different types of breads, achaar (pickles), papad, fruit cream and some other stuff which escape memory at this time. Almost everything was prepared well and in fairly authentic way.  The meal was a good balance of flavours with a good mix of spicy, salty and sweet dishes. Drink was a traditional Rajasthani salty chaach.

Our next visit was a few weeks later with 2 American guests at about 5 pm. As thaali is not served at this time, we ordered a bunch of dishes including Chole bhature, Khichdi, Daal baati churma, Masala chai and Srikhand. Even for the Americans who had never tasted any of these dishes before loved the food.  They loved the daal from Daal baati churma, Chole bhature the most. Service on this day was quite good too and only 3-4 tables were occupied during our visit.


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