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Schengen- Deli, Bistro, Pub, New Delhi – Restaurant Review.

Schengen is one of the newest properties to have opened in New Delhi at Malcha Marg. It’s an upscale European themed restaurant with a pub, deli and bakery which does a fairly good job of providing a good culinary experience. It’s location in Malcha Marh, one of the few quiet and relaxing places in central Delhi is an added bonus. The property is spread over 3 floors with one basement with a proper themed deli to be made operational soon. Whole place is very tastefully decorated and gives a very sophisticated, yet relaxing and old world charm kind of feel.  By itself, floor area of different levels is limited, but as there are multiple floors , the seating space is quite large. The optimum usage of space makes sure that the the place is spacious, functional and  beautiful. Icing on the cake is a fairly big outdoors seating area which provides a good view of the area nearby.

Schengen Bar
Schengen Bar

Menu of the place is predominantly European and is probably created to cater the expatriates living nearby. Nonetheless, it’s a good place to explore even for Indian foodies who wish to taste foreign cuisines in their authentic form.  Prices seem to be slightly on the higher side,  but serving sizes are fairly large and quality of food and service deserves it. Although the main focus of the place seems to be on it’s bakery and food, the bar with it’s delightful cocktails is a revelation. During our visit, we tried out 3 different cocktails, Monk’s Habit, Raz Matazz and Garoth. Monk’s Habit is a white rum based drink with cardamom , hazelnut, pineapple and has a slight bitter taste. Raz Matazz is a delicious blend of vodka, cointreau, grape juice and is a great drink to have on warm days. But the true revelation was Garoth, a brandy and cognac based drink with ginger, lemon slices, anise served war which is an excellent drink to have on cold winter days.

For food, we had the following: Schengen Interiors

1) SOUP: Roast pumpkin & scamorza soup.

The soup was served with small cinnamon piece inside which added to the flavour and fragrance. It was thick, had mild flavour and quite filling. The only problem with these kind of soups is that they are delicious and it’s very easy to get full on them leaving little space for other stuff.

2) SALAD: Rocket, Apple & Walnut Salad.

This type of salad was something new to us. It consisted of rocket leaves, green apple slices and glazed walnuts. A bit different from what we normally see, without any salad dressings, but worth a try.

3) BREADS: Bread basket with 4 different breads.

Breads were fresh, soft, had good texture and flavour.

4) STARTER: Mushroom and Haloumi kababs

Mushroom , Haloumi Cheese Kabab
Mushroom , Haloumi Cheese Kabab

The kababs had shiitake, button mushrooms, haloumi cheese and bell peppers served on wooden skewers. Shiitake mushrooms and cheese were cooked well and had good flavour and texture.

5) PASTA: Arrabiata, red tomato sauce cooked with different vegetables.

Pasta was just about average at best. The sauce was slightly too sweet and overwhelmed the flavour of everything else.

6) MAIN COURSE: Braised Lamb Shanks on Ratatouille

Monk's Habit Cocktail
Monk’s Habit Cocktail

It was easily one of the best lamb dishes that we’ve had the chance of tasting in a long time. The meat was tender, juicy and soft enough to be stripped from bone by just a fork. It was served with a serving of mashed potatoes and cooked vegetables.

7) DESSERT: Double Chocolate Mousse

The chocolate mousse was creamy, full of delicious chocolate and a perfect way to end the meal.

Schengen is one of the worth visiting places which have opened up recently. It’s beautifully decorated, staff is quick and efficient, most of the food items are good while others need some work. As it is a very new restaurant, it will need some time to get in to the groove. Till then, it’s still a great place worth checking out for it’s ambiance, location, interiors and authentic European food.

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